Speech Language Pathologists

Camellia's licensed Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) customize treatments for those with with impaired speech, language, swallowing and cognition.  Our Speech Language Pathologists commonly treat patients who have trouble with controlling the sequencing of sounds, who display weakness in the muscles of the face, mouth, neck and chest, and those that have trouble emitting sound.  Difficulty with the ability to chew, swallow, and cough are functional impairments that Camellia's staff effectively treat to promote increased safety and independence with feeding/drinking.  Traumatic brain injury and stroke affecting the right side of the brain frequently require the skills of a Speech Language Pathologist to retrain cognitive impairments such as filling out a calendar, balancing a check book, or simply organizing money to facilitate increased independence.  A certification in the use of VitalStim therapy allows our clinicians to use the latest in electrical stimulation technology to speed progress and maximize recovery. 

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