What Families Are Saying About Us…

“Thank you so much for caring and compassion during our mother’s illness before passing on to live with the Lord. You all were also of great assistance to us. The folks at Camellia are all professionals.”

Love in Christ, Barbara J. Gavin Family


“Thanks to all of you who helped us so much and made our ordeal bearable. May God bless you all, I love each of you.”

Jo Tisdale



“There is not enough space on this little card to hold all the words of appreciation, and love, that Bob and I want to use. Your personal concerns and the cheerful, but consistantly professional, and determined, nursing care, by Tammy and Kathy, along with the prayers of many. God has truly blessed this community with our very own 'Florence Nightingale' and her staff of angles.We will always thank God for you all, and ask his blessings to be with you”

Love Bob and Bobbe T.


“There are no words to describe the feeling that everything is going to be all right now - I can only compare it to the days when doctors made house calls. When I had small children or family members who were ill, I sometimes felt totally helpless and on the verge of dispair. Then like an answer to a prayer, Dr. S. came kncking on the door whit his aura of utter calm and control. This is the same feeling I get when on of your nurses appear at our door. I cannot think of a higher compliment to give someone and I hope you accept it with our deepest appreciation.

Your agency has been a lifesaver to us, and the kindness and professionalism each of you exibit is, with out a doubt, byond compair.”

Sincerely Celia H.


"This extra-special thank-you note sent to you today Holds more appreciation than any words can say. For you're among the nicest people I have ever known, And you'll  never be forgotten for the thoughtfulness you shown. Thanks for Everything

You girls took such good care of me the last few months. I could not have wnated better care. I looked forward to the time you were coming."

God Bless You, & Love Ms. F


"What a blessing you all were in the past two months, not only for our son but for us as well. From the bottom of our hearts, Thanks goes out to each of you."

May God Bless You, C. P. Family.


"Dear W.A. & Abb:

I was recently, August, 2012, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. After going through six weeks of chemotherapy and six weeks of radiation, I ended up in New Orleans at Ochsner's Hospital for an extensive nine hour surgery. After 2 months in Ochsner's, I was released to come home. I had to choose a local home health agency. I at once thought of you, W.A. because of High School connections and old friends.

I wanted you both to know how pleased I have been with the care Camellia's employees have given me.

Liz, my nurse, has gone over and beyond the call of duty. She has called to check on me even when she was not scheduled to come see me on that particular day. I realy appreciate her professional attitude and her compassion.

Shirley is my nurse's aide. In any way that she can possibly think to be helpful, she does. Helping me bathe, changing sheets, etc. What a kind and caring young lady!

Please know how very satisfied I have been with these two Camellia employees. I would readily recommend Camellia to others in need. 

Hats off to nurse, Liz and nurse's aide, Shirley, and fo course, to your company Camellia."

Thank you! D.F.W.


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